Grounding Basics

What is grounding?

What is the difference between grounding & earthing?

What is the technology behind grounding products?

How does earthing affect dogs, cats & other indoor animals?

Can grounding help with Neuropathy?

General Product Questions

How do I test my GroundingWell™ Sheet or Mat?

Do grounding products emit EMFs or magnetic fields?

Why can't I detect any continuity in the grounding cord?

Will it work if I live in an apartment?

What if my home doesn't have a grounding outlet?

Will grounding products interfere with my Pacemaker or Metal Implants?

What plug type should I select?

GroundingWell™ Mat Product Questions

How do I clean and care for the GroundingWell™ Mat?

Can I wear socks on the Grounding Mat?

GroundingWell™ Bedsheet Product Questions

Can I put a regular sheet over the grounding sheet?

Can I wear pyjamas while sleeping on the grounding sheet?

How do I wash my grounding sheets?

How long will these sheets last?

What are your grounding sheets made of?

Can I use the grounding products during winter time?

What's the difference between the GroundingWell™ Bedsheet and GroundingWell™ Fitted Sheet?