Grounding Rod

Grounding Rod

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Product description

The Grounding Rod is inserted directly in the earth and the extension cord connects to your Grounding Product. You can run the cord through a window or under a door and into the ground outside. Ground rods can be used with all Grounding products and as an alternative to connecting through your power outlets.

The Grounding Rod is made of stainless steel and is 12" (30cm) long. The cord is 39 feet (12 meters) long.

Setting Up Your Grounding Rod & Lead:

  1. Begin by inserting the Grounding Rod into the soil, ensuring a depth of 8" to 10".
  2. Extend the cord from the Grounding Rod, routing it around or beneath a window or door, close to where you intend to use your device.
  3. Safeguard the cord by covering it, preventing any tripping hazards.
  4. Connect the straight cord's prong end to the Grounding Rod cord's receptacle. If you reside in arid regions like deserts, occasionally moisten the soil around the Grounding Rod to enhance conductivity.
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