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4.8/5.0 | Based on 7,000+ reviews
Heal Yourself Today
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Heal Yourself Today

Electronics explode and catch fire if they're not grounded.

photo of burning electric appliance

Your body is the same.

Maybe you won't physically catch fire and explode, but you'll suffer health problems like inflammation, insomnia, anxiety and more if you don't ground yourself regularly.

diagram showing grounding/earthing hole in different plug types

The "Grounding" Socket

The bottom hole found on the bottom of your wall outlets is called the "ground" socket, which connects directly into the ground, underneath the earth's surface.

When your electrical appliances operate, the flowing electricity creates a gathering of electrons which can heat up the appliance's internal parts like the circuit board and wires.

If the electrons cannot escape, this will eventually cause the device to catch fire and possibly explode from excess heat.

The grounding cable prevents this by allowing excess electrons to escape back into the earth, the path of least resistance.

Humans are the same. Every cell in our bodies: brain, heart, organs, skin, bones, etc, all rely on electrical signals to function.

xray human diagram showing heart with electric signals running through it

We function and feel at our best when our skin is making direct contact with the earth's surface, as any excess electrons we gather from our environment can easily escape and let our bodies achieve perfect electronic balance.

The reason walking barefoot in the grass, sand or even concrete feels so good isn't just because your feet is directly making contact with mother nature's elements, you are also making direct electrical contact with the earth's healing power.

Throughout history, humans lived outdoor lifestyles hunting and farming, often barefoot, so they were grounded constantly.

photo of people gardening barefoot grounded to the earth

In the modern age, most people live an ungrounded, indoor lifestyle. When we do go outside, we are wearing shoes with rubber soles, which prevent us from receiving the benefits of grounding with the earth.

It's no wonder that health problems of all types are on the rise- insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, lack of focus, poor mood - and whatever negative health consequence you can think of, as a lack of electron balance is the root of all problems.

Our Products

At GroundingWell, we create products to help you stay grounded and connected with the earth's healing power when you are indoors.

Our products plug directly into the grounding socket of your wall to conduct the grounding effects of the earth directly to your body. 

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