Copy of GroundingWell™ Mat - demo

Copy of GroundingWell™ Mat - demo

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Reconnecting You to Better Health Today.

“Beneath your feet lies a most marvelous gift from Nature − the very Earth itself, naturally equipped with extraordinary healing power that may just be the single most effective medicine available.

Earthing, or grounding as it is often called, connects you to this overlooked natural energy that nurtures and balances your body at the deepest levels, draining it of inflammation, pain, stress, and fatigue.

Ground Yourself & Feel Amazing Immediately

Grounding is everywhere in our lives. The electrical appliances we rely on to live our lives would catch fire and explode if they weren’t grounded, due to a lack of electron balance. 

From the outside, the effects of being ungrounded may be hidden, but internally, there's a dangerous reaction taking place within our bodies, as excess electrons from electronic devices have nowhere to escape, they wreck havoc on our cells & internal functioning. 

By connecting your body to the earth’s natural healing energy through the GroundingWell Mat, the earth’s healing electrons enter your flesh and cells, neutralizing the harmful effects of external electrical interference, almost instantaneously.

How Does Grounding Improve Your Health?

What If I Have Poor Sleep / Insomnia

What If I'm Experiencing Chronic Pain/Inflammation?

What If I'm Tired All Day or Have Low Energy?

What If I'm Feeling Stressed or Experience Excess Anxiety?

One quadriplegic's amazing healing story

Meet Mark Reynolds, a courageous and optimistic quadriplegic from Olympia, Washington. In a 2003 skiing incident, he suffered a severe cervical spine injury. Since September 2019, the 50-year-old has embraced grounding, sleeping grounded and grounding himself in his wheelchair during the day.

By January 2020, Mark noticed an astonishing 90% reduction in systemic pain and disruptive leg spasms, previously managed with potent medication and straps. He was always sensitive to the cold and now never has these issues. Pink-toned skin signified improved circulation.

A December lab test revealed a remarkable 78% boost in his previously "severely low" testosterone levels, letting him discontinue his testosterone injections which he had used for two years.

Chronic inflammation vanished from his body, legs, and armsLung capacity grew from 20% to 60%.

Grounding became Mark's daily routine, clocking close to 24 hours every day. The more he grounded, the more phenomenal his results. Overflowing energy, heightened strength and clarity, thicker hair, amplified confidence—all astounded his doctors.

"I feel way more energetic when I'm grounded- I can even cuss better!", Mark claims.



What the Science Says About Grounding


of participants report feeling significant more relaxed while using the Mat


of participants recorded a significant reduction in inflammation documented with infrared imaging in a 2015 study by Oschman, Brown & Chevalier


of participants recorded a significant improvement in blood viscocity and reduction in blood clumping after 10 minutes of grounding, in a 2015 study by Oschman, Brown & Chevalier 

Based on Peer Reviewed Scientific Studies. Updated to 2023.

How it works?

Simple Steps for Maximum Grounding Benefits

Step 1

Snap the grounding wire onto the connection pin

Step 2

Plug the grounding wire into the grounding port of any power outlet

Step 3

Touch the mat with any part of your body and enjoy the healing benefits

Customer Reviews

Based on 407 reviews
Adrian Bernal
Love it!

I have been using the bed sheet and mat for about one month. I was running out of energy and totally exhausted from around 3:00PM daily until about 5:00pm or so. Since I have used the sheet, I have energy throughout my day. My pain is subsiding in my knees and ankles, and my inflammation is dying out in my hands. I can close my fist fully. I am starting to see all the benefits from being grounded.

As I work at my desk through out the day, I also use the mat at my feet. Nothing like feeling grounded! Thank you and thank God!

Jen K
Inflammation sufferer

Even the cat knows it’s good for her! I got the mat to address Chronic inflammation. I suffered with this for a few years, which has held me back from doing proper repair to a degenerative disc in my back, where the bulk of my inflammation rooted from. Overall, my range of motion, flexibility, and strength has been hindered. I got the mat in the attempt to create a better overall environment for which my body could begin to address the inflammation issue. After using it for over a week, by placing my feet on it watching TV or I put my calves and feet on it in bed at night, I certainly feel more relaxed. All of that tight tension has begun to break apart making movement much easier. I am sleeping better than ever, and I always slept well before. But the depths of my sleep has grown exponentially. An easy, effective way of making a difference to the quality of life.


Feel like it’s helped with sleep and reduced water retention in feet

Sara Pope
Loving our grounding mat!!

This has been amazing, noticing a difference in joint pain and also when using it before bed I feel like sleep is more restful

Sheila Johnston
Settled legs

I am someone who has experienced restless legs at night after developing thrombophlebitis.
I also get static shocks from metal furniture like filing cabinets very easily.
With little expectation, I decided to try the grounding mat and was very surprised when it worked immediately. I put my feet on it at night in bed and could feel tingling immediately. No restless legs since.
Sadly, it didn’t work for my mother who has the same problem, but I am very happy.
I brought it with me on holiday, and I’m currently sitting with my feet on it while writing this review. I drove for seven hours yesterday and this is helping reduce the swelling I get in my affected foot
I was very sceptical, but now I’m a convert.